ALL Gifts

3x Human Moth's Capes

Free moth capes! Claim them here [FACEBOOK]

10 x Fish

I'm back from fishing and these are for you [TWITTER]

10 x Iron

Iron time! Collect 10 pieces for free here [FACEBOOK]

3 x Caramel Apples

Enjoy your caramel apples! Click here to collect them [TWITTER]

50 x Stones

Another material boost! Collect 50 stones for free here [FACEBOOK]

30 x Copper

Refill your Copper stock right here [TWITTER]

5 x Love potions

Use with caution! Grab 5 Love Potions for free here [FACEBOOK]

1 x Steak

A Steak to increase your stamina! Claim one for free here [FACEBOOK]

5 x Gems

Let's celebrate with some Gems! Click here to collect them [TWITTER]

50 x Apples

Stay healthy Diggers! Collect your Apples here [TWITTER]

50 x Flour

Report to the Dance Flour now! Click here to collect your Flour [TWITTER]

50 x Sugar

Got a sweet tooth? Click here to collect your sugar [TWITTER]

40 x Coal

GYC - Get Your Coal, Today! Click here to collect it [TWITTER]