ALL Gifts

10 x gems

Celebration continues! Raise your glasses and claim these 10 Gems

150 x Slices of 6th Birthday Cakes

One slice of cake is always good. But 150?! Even better.

5000 x Coins

May is a very special month for Diggy and his friends. Accept this gift and let's celebrate Diggy's birthday together.

50 x Coal

As promised, we are giving away 50 Coal for free!

3 x 3D Glasses

Are you already finished with the Movie Madness event?
If so and you are short of some 3D Glasses, claim 3 for free

Check for Gems

Dear diggers, as a compensation for those who were affected by yesterday's outage we've prepared a little surprise.

50 x Stones

It's decided! Stone is the material you need the most. But because it was a close call, there will be also a coal giveaway at the end of April. Yay! 🙌

10 x Bronze

It's not gold, it's not silver.. it's the next best thing.

40 x Lumber

Wood. Timber LUMBER!

10 x Fish

You know what time it is? It's sushi time!

3 x Caramel Apples

Sweet, salty and .. healthy I guess?

30 x Copper

This looks like a huge walnut if you ask me.

5 x Gems

According to , Gem is something likened to or prized as such a stone because of its beauty or worth.

50 x Apples

I hope you like apples!

50 x Sugar

Oh Diggers, you are so sweet!

50 x Flour

Wanted to make a pie and there was no flour around?